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Oh Snap!  I'm a Hot Mess !!


Is this what you are looking like as you stare at your computer screen and the pile of business receipts you have in front of you?  


There is a lot involved in gathering all of your information together to prepare for the "tax man" or "tax ladies" in our case!!


If you haven't really been keeping up with your bookkeeping for your LuLaRoe business or even quite possibly you have never set up a system for your books, THIS WEBINAR IS FOR YOU!

Odds are if you decide to take your taxes to a place like H&R Block or a Tax Preparation "Chain", They will simply be putting the numbers you give them onto the forms. 


So you need to understand what you have to have ready for them.  

We (Emily and myself) are big big fans of Quickbooks software.  You have probably heard us talk about it in the past, we have offered webinars on it in the past ( and will be in the future ). 



This webinar is ONLY for those that need help to get their 2018 accounting organized so that taxes can be prepared.  

  • We will show you how to gather all of your transactions

  • We will show you how to summarize them in a spreadsheet format

  • We will discuss how your ending inventory DOES effect your taxable income / loss

  • We will cover the top deductions you may not have remembered to deduct

  • We will discuss our top tax planning strategies to help you be better prepared for taxes in 2019

  • We will discuss what steps you can take to ensure that you are not in this situation next year!

  • We will finish off with a Q&A session

Our Webinar will be 2 hours in length of February 11th 2019 1pm PST  4pm EST

We host our webinars using Zoom Video conferencing so when you sign up for the Webinar you will get the link to the conference room.

Cost of the Webinar is only $37 !  Click here to save your SPOT!



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